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Call Us Today for a Home Renovation

Call Us Today for a Home Renovation

Call Us Today for a Home RenovationCall Us Today for a Home RenovationCall Us Today for a Home Renovation

Our Services


Design and project management

Rock Renovations provides in house architecture design and layout for your project. From concept to blue prints to 3D plans, we can provide complete permit ready drawings for your home renovation or addition.  Working with engineers we ensure what you want in your home improvement that will be sound and last for years to come.  We have extensive design expertise in both interior and exterior spaces.  Come by our design table and lets create something that works for your dream. 

Interior Home Renovation

Quality construction

Specializing in medium and large scale construction renovations , Rock Reno's provides complete one stop services. From concept to design, to construction, management and final move in, we help take care of all the different elements. We know renovation can be difficult and clear communication with our clients is important for the challenges that all renovations have.  "Treat it like its your own home" is key to how we approach our projects.  Let us help you with your home improvement.

House Additions/Carriage

Complete design services

Wanting to expand your house or add a new carriage home?

 Rock Reno's home improvement company can maximize your house potential.  Making sure construction renovations  fit the current house design and lot is essential and our design process works towards that.  We can take your current house and make it a life time house for you and your family. 

More Services

House Suites

A simple kitchen renovation

Looking for some extra revenue or a space for family?  We can come up with creative ideas to make any space into a functional suite.  Ensuring all the local guidelines are followed, we come up with a plan and build to your budget.  A home renovation and home improvement with a ROI in mind. 

Exterior Home Spaces

Pools and outdoor spaces

Rock Renovations also works outside the house. From simple decks to complete pool and bars, we can make the outdoors as exciting as your inside.  A complete outdoor picture is created to maximize the features and make it a true outdoor living space.  We can handle all of your construction renovations.